Why Loneliness is a Major Issue in the UK

Britain has been voted the loneliness capital of Europe, with those living in big cities feeling the most isolated. London is a bustling and exciting place to live, with opportunities to meet all kinds of people. And that’s true. But at the same time, it can be a very lonely city to live in. Londoners don’t know their neighbours, don’t…View Post

Does the UK Have a Corruption Problem?

While many do not view the UK as being a corrupt country, corruption still operates in some key sectors and institutions. So how exactly do these sectors and institutions fall prey to corruption? One of the manifold causes of corruption is the influence of organised criminals. We now know that organised criminals have targeted and…View Post

Are All-Women Shortlists the Answer to Underrepresentation?

Women make up 52% of the general population, yet they are heavily under-represented in positions of political power. Only 23% of MPs in the House of Commons are female and only 4 out of 23 cabinet ministers are women. The number of women MPs has increased by a mere 4.1% over the last 15 years,…View Post

The UK Could Learn From Colorado’s Legalisation of Cannabis

The recent legalisation of cannabis in Colorado and Washington state – not to mention Uruguay, the first country ever to legalise cannabis – serve as experiments for the pro-legalisation argument. So what is the result of these recent legalisation measures? Are we seeing a monumental increase in the number of cannabis smokers? Are people dying…View Post

Government Passes Anti-Free Speech ‘Gagging Law’

A bill has just been passed which many are claiming will undermine free speech, free protest, the democratic process and trade unions. But you wouldn’t have guessed this from the apparently benign name of the bill: the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act 2014. To express the true nature of this…View Post