Karina Swenson, Head of Content at Third Wave:

Working with Sam has been an absolute pleasure. His dedication to delivering high-quality content has consistently impressed me. What I appreciated most about our collaboration was his ability to grasp complex topics effortlessly and translate them into engaging and informative pieces. His writing style is not only articulate but also resonates well with our audience. I would hire Sam again without hesitation, and I’d recommend him to other clients looking for a dedicated and talented writer.

Sarah Peterson, Head of Marketing at Retreat Guru:

Sam is a talented content marketer and writer with a knack for boiling complex information down into digestible chunks. He wrote many long-form articles for us and is adaptable and well-versed with best practices in terms of SEO and page experience.

Cory Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of HealingMaps:

Sam is a fantastic and dependable writer, which is (sadly) a rare and hard-to-find combination. We always knew he would deliver his assignments on time and with little need for extra editing. The thoroughness of his pieces always provided new and interesting insights for HealingMaps content. Whether it was a tidbit about the history of a mushroom strain, or how much magnetic therapy costs, there was always intriguing information in all of Sam’s pieces. We would absolutely hire him again. His professionalism and quality make him a great asset to any team, and he understands how to adapt his writing style and tone to fit any brand voice. I couldn’t highly recommend Sam enough.

Reilly Capps, Editorial Director at HealingMaps:

Sam’s pitches are clear, timely, and interesting; and the copy he turns in is clean, factually accurate, and engaging. As an editor, he made my life easier, and my readers’ lives richer. I learned from Sam how to think clearly and deeply about a subject, and how to organize a story and write it so anyone can follow it. You can trust him to listen to what you’re looking for, ask relevant, clarifying questions, and take on the assignment and deliver it on time and at the right length. Sam’s work is perfect for any publication looking for well-thought-through copy. I’m thinking about newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs anywhere there’s an idea that needs to find its way out into the world.

Richard Patterson, Founder of Comparitech:

Sam was a dedicated, reliable member of our team and a pleasure to work with. Sam produced high-quality, well-researched content and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

Tim Sprinkle, Founder of Layup Content:

As a writer, Sam has the rare ability to translate complex, highly technical subjects for a general audience in a way that doesn’t strip away the weight of the topic or gloss over details. As most of my clients are in the B2B and tech space, this was invaluable to our work and provided great value to our clients. He works quickly, grasps a wide range of topics like a pro, and has never missed a deadline. I absolutely plan to work with Sam again.

Ella Patenall, Marketing Manager at Inspiring Interns:

Sam is very easy to work with and whatever the brief, Sam manages to produce quality work in a prompt manner. I would definitely hire Sam to work with us again as Sam is reliable, quick, and produces high-quality content. He also maintains contact and is fast to reply to emails and briefs. The work is perfect for any other recruitment agency, marketing agency, or corporate business. Sam has been able to take on topics that other writers have struggled with such as marketing, technology and business. He can also adapt his writing tone and style well for different publications.

Blake Reichenbach, Founder of Self-Himprovement:

Sam joined my publication upon our launch. From there, we’ve grown and matured in a million different ways. Whether it has been our branding, our content focuses, or publication schedule, all of the changes that we’ve implemented on our end have not shaken Sam. He’s been a very solid cornerstone in our content production process and the quality of his work has remained exceptional, regardless of whatever curveball we’ve thrown his way.

Of the writers I have contracted with and worked with in the past, Sam has stood out as someone who is not only a gifted writer who never misses a deadline but also as someone who is able to think about the bigger picture. With Sam, I have no problem discussing publication budgets, website redesign work, or campaigns we are considering pursuing because I know that he is going to be understanding and usually has valuable input to contribute as well.

I would absolutely hire Sam again. He is agreeable, easy to work with, needs minimal oversight, and produces quality work in a timely manner. I’ve made pay rate exceptions to keep him on our team because he’s that valuable to have around.

Melinda Ladavich, Director of Content at Frontier Marketing:

I appreciate the fact that Sam submits his work early 90% of the time and by deadline for the last 10%. He also promptly responds when a piece is assigned to him, confirming he’s received it. Also, whenever I feel a draft would benefit from more information or clarification, Sam is able to do that. Sam is prompt, diligent, and communicative. His work is very well-written, and he knows how to include important keywords without keyword stuffing.

Theresa Navratil, Country Manager at Rehaler:

I really appreciate how easy and straightforward our collaboration is. All the content I receive from Sam is well-researched, structured and easily readable, so there is usually very little if anything at all that still needs to be improved after the first draft. By working together I definitely learned how important it is to make content entertaining and accessible for a broader audience while at the same time still making sure to deliver well-researched scientific facts.

Usually, I first create a brief for the content piece, consisting of the overall topic, the central keywords and key phrases, the word count and the type of audience it should be targeted at. Here we also agree on a deadline for the first draft. When I have received the first draft, both I and the CSO of our company read through it and write up feedback and points for improvement, which I return to Sam for creating the final article.

Sam is really good at turning complex scientific topics into content that can easily be read and understood by the general public. It’s always well-structured and thoroughly researched, and at the same time entertaining. This type of work is really perfect for someone looking for long-form content, for example in the form of blog posts, that is both informative and research-driven but also includes a clear call to action.