Millennials Might Be a Bit Self-Obsessed, But They’re Far From Lazy

The stereotype of the millennial is a 20-something who is lazy, self-absorbed, self-entitled and soft. Joel Stein wrote a cover story for Time magazine three years ago, describing millennials as narcissistic, pointing to evidence, such as the high incidence of narcissistic personality disorder among young people, relative to the older generation. This article caused quite…View Post

Mental Health Stigma Remains a Major Issue

Recent news that autistic adults ‘fear abuse’, according to the National Autistic Society (NAS), further highlights the fact that mental health stigma is still a major issue in this country. Half of the 1,300 sufferers questioned by the NAS said they had been abused by a so-called ‘friend’, 37% said they had been manipulated to…View Post

The Psychology of Initiation Rites

Initiation rites are an integral part of traditional societies. An initiation rite is a ritual or ceremony marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. In modern society, initiation ceremonies usually mark the transition into adulthood, as demarcated by the community. Examples of such ceremonies would include the Christian baptism, the Jewish Bar and…View Post

Schizophrenic or Shamanic? It Depends on the Cultural Context

An individual can display certain symptoms, but whether they are an indication of schizophrenia or shamanic abilities depends largely on the cultural context. By cultural context I mean the collective beliefs, values, expectations and responses of the community which shape the mentality and behaviour of the individuals within that community. Mental illness is heavily influenced…View Post

The Stigma of Not Wanting to Get Married or Have Kids

There is a heavy stigma attached to people who don’t (and don’t want to) get married or have kids. Both are essentially rites of passage in modern society. I myself don’t have any urge to get married or have kids, but I am only 22, so I cannot rule out the possibility that in the…View Post