Peyote-Inspired Art From the Huichol People

Peyote is a cactus which contains mescaline, one of the classic psychedelic chemicals. Native North Americans have been using peyote for religious purposes for around 5,000 years. It is native to southwestern Texas and Mexico. Peyote art, art that is influenced by the visions from the peyote experience, is abundant in the Huichol culture of…View Post

Should Polygamy Be Legalised?

Polygamy, or a marriage involving more than two partners, is illegal in most countries. Polygamous marriages may not be performed in the UK, and if one is performed, then the already married person is guilty of the crime of bigamy – bigamy being the act of entering into a marriage with one person, whilst already…View Post

Interesting Facts About Tool’s Music

Here are some interesting facts about Tool’s music, categorised by the band’s albums. Opiate There’s a hidden song at the end of the title track called “The Gaping Lotus Experience”. The line from “Sweat”, “Slipping into a dream within a dream” references Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “A Dream Within a Dream”. Undertow The discordant sounds…View Post