DMT-Inspired Artwork by Harry Pack

Harry Pack art

Harry Pack is a British artist whose artwork is inspired by experiences with the potent psychedelic DMT. Along with INCEDIGRIS, Pack is unique in his ability to accurately represent the strange realms and beings that one encounters when under the influence of this substance. The distinctly DMT-esque aspects of his work include the clownish, child-like, alien entities that inhabit the realm; the particular geometric patterns and colour scheme he uses; and the multilayered, compartmental, and highly detailed nature of the space and surfaces.

On his website, Pack gives the following description of his artwork:

My artwork is an ongoing exploration into another dreamlike dimension, full of things moving and growing, smiling and laughing, weird creatures flying, expanding wormholes, geometric portals and extraterrestrial entities, everything is odd and inquisitive and seems strangely recognisable. I take inspiration from a wide range of sources, books I read, plants I see, nature in general, conversations with peculiar people, the strange occurrences life throws my way… which I then compute, project and present in my own style of psychedelia…

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