Having CCTV in Slaughterhouses Won’t Prevent Animal Cruelty

Animal rights organisation Animal Aid has long campaigned for the introduction of mandatory CCTV in UK slaughterhouses. Animal Aid has secretly filmed inside 13 randomly chosen slaughterhouses and found that 12 of them were violating… View Post

Why Schools Should Teach Critical Thinking and Ethics from an Early Age

Critical thinking is a skills-based subject, as opposed to a content-based subject. The majority of what kids learn at school is content-based and little (if anything) is taught about how to think critically. You will… View Post

The Future of ‘Smart Drugs’

So it seems that the use of the ‘smart drug’ modafinil is on the rise. Of course, we must take into account the flawed nature of the Tab survey – the survey asked ‘Do you… View Post

Future Technology Could Convince Prisoners They Were Serving a 1,000 Year Sentence

Philosopher Rebecca Roache recently spoke with Aeon Magazine about how technology in the future could create an artificial hell for prisoners, allowing them to experience a 1,000-year sentence in just 8 and a half hours. Currently,… View Post

Why It’s Time to Boycott Zoos

Blackfish is a documentary which focuses on Tilikum, an orca whale held captive in SeaWorld, who went on to kill three individuals. It looks at the negative consequences (for orcas and humans) of keeping these highly… View Post