All-Women Shortlists Are Not the Answer to Under-Representation

Women make up 52% of the general population, yet they are heavily under-represented in positions of political power. Only 23% of MPs in the House of Commons are female and only 4 out of 23… View Post

The UK Could Learn From Colorado’s Legalisation of Cannabis

The recent legalisation of cannabis in Colorado and Washington state – not to mention Uruguay, the first country ever to legalise cannabis – serve as experiments for the pro-legalisation argument. So what is the result… View Post

New NHS Database Will Encroach on Our Privacy

The NHS plans to launch a giant central database which will see patients records extracted from GP systems across the country. This is known as the ‘ scheme’. This is a completely new move –… View Post

Denmark Bans Kosher Slaughter Methods

Denmark has recently decided to ban the kosher and halal methods of slaughter. Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Ministry announced that this new ban will come into effect today. Similar bans already exist in Poland, Iceland,… View Post

Those Accused of Sex Offences Deserve a Right to Anonymity

The Coronation Street actor William Roache has recently been cleared of rape charges after the woman making the claims was shown to lack credible evidence for her case. Just as the accuser is granted anonymity in… View Post