Visionary Artist: Xavi Panneton

Xavi is an artist who grew up in Washington DC. At the age of 12, he became interested in graffiti art and this interest would act as the basis for all of his future work. He grew up as a teenager in the 90s and was heavily influenced by the rave culture, particularly the computer…View Post

The Surreal Paintings of Jacek Yerka

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The Psychedelic Art of Adam Scott Miller

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The Psychedelic Art of Luke Brown

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The Visionary Art of Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo (1938-2009) was a painter from Pucallpa in Peru, whose paintings are all inspired by his experiences with ayahuasca. Amaringo originally worked as a vegetalista which is a traditional word for a shaman in Latin America who works with plants and vegetables to cure physical and spiritual illnesses. He was also part of the mestizo…View Post