Why We Should Reject Cynicism in Favour of Scepticism

We would all like to think that when we do something with good intentions and act on those intentions, we are behaving as purely morally upright people. We may believe that we can easily discern when we (or others) act altruistically and when the opposite is true. However, our conflicted and flawed nature means this…View Post

National Service Bill is a Violation of Freedom

The National Service Bill (2013-2014) was presented to Parliament on 24th June 2013, but since this was the first reading, there was no debate regarding the Bill. However, on the 28th February 2014, the Bill is expected to have its second reading, in which it will be debated. This bill aims to make national service compulsory…View Post

Do We Have Moral Obligations to the Dead?

For some, the question of whether we have moral obligations to the dead seems easy. How can we have duties towards people who do not exist? However, the debate is a bit more nuanced and complex than that. For example, some ethicists argue that we have moral obligations towards future generations, even though, like the…View Post

Organ and Body Donation Should Be Encouraged, Not Made Compulsory

Donating your organs for transplantation, or donating your body to medical science, is a very charitable act. I myself do not believe that I will need my body or any of my body parts after I am dead (since I will not exist). I’m a registered organ donor for this reason and plan to donate…View Post

Atheists Can Learn Some Lessons from Religion

Alain de Botton is a British writer, philosopher and TV presenter. He has written a book entitled Religion for Atheists: A Non-believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion (2012). The main thrust of his argument is that atheists (actually, everyone in fact) can learn some important moral lessons from the world’s religions. He also spoke…View Post