The Stigma of Not Wanting to Get Married or Have Kids

There is a heavy stigma attached to people who don’t (and don’t want to) get married or have kids. Both are essentially rites of passage in modern society. I myself don’t have any urge to get married or have kids, but I am only 22, so I cannot rule out the possibility that in the…View Post

Humans May Have Evolved to Be Sexually Promiscuous, Not Monogamous

Christopher Ryan is an American psychologist who is best known for his book, Sex at Dawn (2010) which looks at the prehistoric origins of human sexuality. The book has attracted quite a bit of controversy due to its main thesis, which says that our ancestors evolved to be sexually promiscuous, not monogamous. Dr Ryan is…View Post

The Rise of Humanist Marriages

A humanist wedding is like any other wedding – it is a ceremony where the partners can express their commitment to a life-long partnership with each other. It takes place in the company of family and friends, the bride usually wears a wedding dress, there’s a wedding cake, vows are recited, and rings can be…View Post

Should Polygamy Be Legalised?

Polygamy, or a marriage involving more than two partners, is illegal in most countries. Polygamous marriages may not be performed in the UK, and if one is performed, then the already married person is guilty of the crime of bigamy – bigamy being the act of entering into a marriage with one person, whilst already…View Post