The Dark Side of Private Prisons: Greed, Corruption and Injustice

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the existence of private prisons, most notably due to malpractice in the US. Private prisons do exist in the UK as well (which has the most privatised prison system in Europe), but they are not as popular as in the US and they do not engage in the…View Post

Racism Behind the War on Drugs

Director Quentin Tarantino brought up an unexpected subject in an interview recently. He brought up the subject of the war on drugs. But what was interesting was the comparison he made between the war and drugs and slavery as it existed in the 1800s. In his own words: This whole thing of…this ‘War on Drugs,’ and…View Post

Woman From El Salvador Demands the Right to an Abortion

A woman in El Salvador is struggling for her life. Going by the name of ‘Beatriz’ in order to preserve her anonymity, she is 22 years old and critically ill. She is now about 24 weeks pregnant, with an anencephalic, non-viable fetus: basically, the fetus’ brain has been deformed in such a way that it…View Post

Can Capital Punishment Ever Be Justified?

There are some crimes which are so vile, and so evil, that many think they warrant the punishment of death. In the cases of serial rapists, serial murderers, and serial child abusers, these are people who have destroyed the lives of many, and who seem to be immune to rehabilitation. Many argue that these types…View Post

How Should We Tackle the UK’s High Rates of Reoffending?

The UK has extremely high rates of reoffending – in fact around half of all crime is committed by people who have already been through the criminal justice system. This suggests that the criminal justice system is not effective at preventing those with a criminal record from committing further crimes. Not only does this defeat…View Post