The Psychedelic Designs of Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Adam Nathaniel Furman is a prolific, award-winning artist, designer, and architect of Argentine, Japanese, and Israeli descent. He is currently based in London. He is pioneering a design movement that he has termed ‘New Fabulous London’, which he describes as “design and architecture as a visual and cultural pursuit, which is highly aesthetic, sensual and celebratory of mixed cultures”. This new design movement, Furman says, is a challenge to the bias towards minimalism. He argues that design education “brainwashes” students to stay away from colour, pattern, and ornamentation.

Furman has produced many unique designs, including architectural designs, but I’m particularly drawn to his more psychedelic creations, featuring intricate kaleidoscopic and geometric patterns and a striking array of colours.

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