A Healthy Response to Privilege is Gratitude, Not Guilt

It’s easy to feel guilty about having an advantage in life due to the accident of being born in a first-world country to a middle-class family. Being able to travel is considered an incredible luxury – more like a pipe dream, really – by nearly half of the world’s population, who live on less than $2.50…View Post

The Problem with Charity Organisations

It may seem harsh to criticise charity organisations. After all, they are dedicated to ameliorating some ill in society: a terrible physical or mental condition, abuse (to humans, animals or the environment), emergency situations, injustice, poverty, inequality, discrimination, and so on. These are all worthy causes. However, the problem with charity organisations is that they…View Post

Wealthy Countries Are Full of Unhappy People

The extent to which a country is “developed” is usually expressed in terms of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The GDP of a country is the market value of all its goods and services at any given time. The higher the GDP, the more material goods and wealth that country possesses. The country with the highest…View Post

Adopting a Vegan Diet for Humanitarian Reasons

People choose a vegan diet usually for ethical, health or environmental reasons. These are all valid reasons and I expect that most people justify their plant-based diet on the basis of either animal welfare or animal rights. However, not everyone is receptive to the idea of valuing animals because they are sentient or because they…View Post