How Studying Philosophy Can Help You Excel at Work and Life in General

Many people have this impression that philosophy is all about pointless musings and abstractions, headachy nit-picking and really out-there topics. And it absolutely can be at times. But there is also a huge underestimation of philosophy’s benefits. Studying philosophy is by no means a waste of time, whether you’re doing it at an undergraduate, Masters…View Post

If the Left Wants to Promote Its Cause, It Has to Abandon Its Hateful Rhetoric

Whatever your political persuasion, it’s important to recognise, point out and denounce the unscrupulous behaviour of others who share your worldview. If we genuinely believe that certain opinions and policies are harmful, then, of course, we will oppose those who promote them. But there is a danger of this outrage becoming ugly, when we turn…View Post

Can We Afford to Scrap Tuition Fees?

Before tackling the question of whether we can afford to scrap tuition fees, let’s examine the reasons for wanting to scrap them in the first place. Like many others who voted for the Lib Dems back in the 2010 General Election, I was disappointed when Nick Clegg not only failed to deliver his pledge to…View Post

Does the UK Have a Corruption Problem?

While many do not view the UK as being a corrupt country, corruption still operates in some key sectors and institutions. So how exactly do these sectors and institutions fall prey to corruption? One of the manifold causes of corruption is the influence of organised criminals. We now know that organised criminals have targeted and…View Post

Are All-Women Shortlists the Answer to Underrepresentation?

Women make up 52% of the general population, yet they are heavily under-represented in positions of political power. Only 23% of MPs in the House of Commons are female and only 4 out of 23 cabinet ministers are women. The number of women MPs has increased by a mere 4.1% over the last 15 years,…View Post