What Not to Say to Someone If They’re Suffering From Depression

One of the main reasons it’s often so difficult to talk about mental health is that we fear what others will think and say about us. This is mental health stigma. It is the negative attitudes and prejudices that society and the individual have about mental illness, as well as the guilt, shame and embarrassment…View Post

The Fascinating Relationship Between Your Gut and Your Mental Health

When it comes to looking after one’s mental health, there is no guarantee what kind of treatment will offer relief and the stabilising effects to get on with one’s day-to-day activities. This is why itis paramount to exhaust all the options available. One approach and method of psychotherapy may work for one individual but not…View Post

The Campaign for Veganism Has to Be Honest and Balanced

Recently, the dairy industry lost a battle against vegan campaign group Go Vegan World. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rejected claims that an advert claiming ‘Humane milk is a myth’ is misleading and inaccurate. Some of the complainants were from the dairy industry. The case can be made that there is no such thing as humane…View Post

Caffeine is the Crutch of Modern Working Life

Coffee is such a core part of the working environment that it is never questioned. Caffeine is a drug which is not only accepted in the work environment – it is a drug which must be available at all times. It is simply the norm. Coffee can also be covered by business expenses because it…View Post

The Mysterious Placebo Effect: How Culture, Meaning and Belief Can Heal Us

The placebo effect remains as the most bizarre aspect of modern medicine. The placebo effect occurs when a patient is led to believe that they are receiving a medically effective treatment, when in fact they are receiving none. The most influential studies investigating the placebo effect usually involve sugar pills or ‘dummy pills’, the purpose…View Post