Why the Term ‘Drug’ is Difficult to Clearly Define

‘Drugs’, much like ‘religion’, evade a precise definition. There are standard, dictionary definitions of the term ‘drug’, either a substance (other than food) that influences motor, sensory, cognitive, or other bodily processes, or a substance that is used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease. Drugs are generally understood to be either psychoactive…View Post

What I’ve Learned Since Giving Up Drinking

On 1st January 2017, I quit drinking. Which is 16 months ago now. Some months before then, I had consciously been cutting down on my alcohol consumption, as I wasn’t enjoying getting drunk that much anymore – and the hangovers had become severe. I couldn’t stand the feeling of being poisoned and that horrible, dirty,…View Post

Why Psychedelics Don’t Deserve the Stigma They Carry

US comedian Shane Mauss is currently doing his biggest tour to date. A Good Trip is a two-hour comedy show about psychedelics. One of the aims of this tour, he said, is to remove the stigma that surrounds the use of psychedelics. Public Perceptions About Psychedelics Many people have misguided and negative preconceptions about what these…View Post

What Not to Say to Someone If They’re Suffering From Depression

One of the main reasons it’s often so difficult to talk about mental health is that we fear what others will think and say about us. This is mental health stigma. It is the negative attitudes and prejudices that society and the individual have about mental illness, as well as the guilt, shame and embarrassment…View Post

The Ethics of Using Smart Drugs to Boost Performance

Using smart drugs to boost performance is not without its ethical issues. While some may claim that it’s cheating to take a substance to outcompete others, others will say that there’s actually a moral imperative to do so in some professions; say, in biomedical research or space exploration, where peak performance can benefit humanity in…View Post