Denmark Bans Kosher Slaughter Methods

Denmark has recently decided to ban the kosher and halal methods of slaughter. Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Ministry announced that this new ban will come into effect today. Similar bans already exist in Poland, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden. The halal and kosher method of slaughter involves exsanguination – slitting the throat of the animal…View Post

Why It’s Time to Boycott Zoos

Blackfish is a documentary which focuses on Tilikum, an orca whale held captive in SeaWorld, who went on to kill three individuals. It looks at the negative consequences (for orcas and humans) of keeping these highly intelligent, emotional and social animals in captivity for their entire life. These orcas would attack each other, as well as…View Post

Questions I Always Get Asked as a Vegan (#3): “Do You Not Miss Meat/Cheese?”

Since I have given up meat and cheese, people usually ask me if I miss eating them. “Do you not wish you could have a cheeseburger?” No, not really. Admittedly, when I first went vegetarian I probably did miss meat in a sense. I even had dreams about eating meat, only to wake up terrified…View Post

Pets: The Animal Rights Perspective

From an animal rights perspective, the domestication of any animal can be considered immoral since it involves using them as a means to an end and disregarding their intrinsic value. Gary Francione has underscored the inherent problems of domestication. In his view, the institution of pet ownership is incompatible with any theory of animal rights.…View Post

Questions I Always Get Asked as a Vegan (#2): “Do You Think You Will Always Be a Vegan?”

I often get asked this question and feel that behind it is the assumption that being veganism is just a phase that people go through, a lifestyle that they will eventually outgrow. If that’s the case, I find the question slightly condescending. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances when I would have no choice but…View Post