A Fascinating Glimpse into the Future of Security

Security technology is constantly having to evolve to meet new threats. It’s not just the personal threats that we have to consider, but the business ones, too. If you are starting your own online business (or perhaps you already have one) you need to think about cyber security courses to ensure that you are as…View Post

The Rise of Automation Could Allow Us to Lead More Meaningful Lives

As developments in artificial intelligence (AI) continue, more and more jobs are at risk of being taken over by robots. There are fears that the rise of automation will lead to mass unemployment. In terms of the foreseeable future, it seems that, while some jobs in the future will invariably be better performed by a…View Post

Has Technology Ruined the Experience of Travel?

An article published on Thrillist makes the case that the internet and social media have ruined the experience of travel. The author concedes that the internet has made it easier to travel as cheaply as possible, through great things such as multi-airline rate comparisons; but then argues that the ability to access the internet at the…View Post

What I Learned After a Month Without Facebook

In an earlier post, I explained why I felt like I needed to take a break from my compulsive use of the Internet – mainly Facebook, Reddit and YouTube. Well, after a month I decided to re-activate my Facebook (although I’m still avoiding the crack cocaine of the Internet that is Reddit – for the…View Post

A Personal Experiment: Living Without Facebook, Reddit and YouTube

Facebook, Reddit and YouTube are the three websites that became an endless source of distraction and procrastination for me. Whenever I was bored, my fingers would unconsciously type these URLs into my browser, or if I had something to do, I would take intermittent breaks to browse my favourite subreddits, scroll down the Facebook Newsfeed,…View Post