Artist: Xavi Panneton

Xavi is an artist who grew up in Washington DC. At the age of 12 he became interested in graffiti art and this interest would act as the basis for all of his future work. He grew up as a teenager in the 90s and was heavily influenced by the rave culture, particularly the computer graphics that were on display in raves, as well as the visual design of rave flyers.

In 1996 Xavi moved to Arizona, where he became interested in integrating the living patterns and natural shapes of the Arizona landscape into his art. Xavi at this point also took an interest in the art of native cultures, such as the Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and the Huichol Indians of Mexico.

For the last decade or so, Xavi has been an active member of the global Visionary Art movement, bringing his paintings, live murals and art installations to festivals and venues around the world. He currently lives in California. 

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