Can We Justify Flying in an Age of Climate Breakdown?

With international travel coming to a halt during the pandemic (or at least becoming cumbersome and prone to cancellation), I’ve been waiting patiently for the time when I can hop on a plane again and go on some trips that I’ve been planning. Before the pandemic struck, I had a flight booked to the island…View Post

Is There a Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveller?

Many people try to make a clear distinction between tourists and travellers, although such a demarcation is quite value-laden. It is often a way for people to create a hierarchy of travel, whereby self-identified travellers can feel assured that they are travelling in a more adventurous, exciting, and authentic way. (I recently covered the topic…View Post

Has Technology Ruined the Experience of Travel?

An article published on Thrillist makes the case that the internet and social media have ruined the experience of travel. The author concedes that the internet has made it easier to travel as cheaply as possible, through great things such as multi-airline rate comparisons; but then argues that the ability to access the internet at the…View Post

The Ethics of Haggling in a Developing Country

Frugality is a virtue, especially when it comes to travelling. There is a problem, however, when frugality turns selfish; when a penny-pinching mentality is adopted in developing countries, and you start haggling over certain things, involving differences in price that are more or less negligible for you. No one likes to be ripped off, especially…View Post

Making a Difference in Developing Countries: Volunteering vs. Tourism

There has long been controversy about ‘voluntourism’: an industry that caters to (mostly) Westerners and places them on volunteering programmes in developing countries. The industry offers those on a gap year the promise of making a difference to the deprived lives of others. On the surface, if a volunteer is flying to the other side…View Post