Why Men Avoid Self-Care

Self-care has become a fairly trendy term, promoted by mental health bloggers and advocates. Simply put, self-care refers to actions that individuals take in order to take care of themselves. And taking care of yourself means developing, protecting, maintaining, or improving your well-being. According to the mental health charity Mind, positive mental well-being is associated…View Post

How to Share Your Journey to Good Mental Health

It is often those who have been the most depressed or unhappy who understand just how great happiness can be. That sounds a little odd but it’s true. To put this in other terms, you’ll never quite appreciate the value of wealth if you haven’t been destitute at least once in your life. The deeper…View Post

Why Habit Change Requires the Wisdom of Asking Questions

We all have habits that we would like to change. Of course, there are some things we do habitually that we are not even aware negatively affect us; and, conversely, there are habits we could pick up that we do not realise could drastically improve our lives. Nonetheless, we all have thoughts of “I need…View Post