Here’s How Legalising Psychedelics Could Minimise the Risk of a Bad Trip

While the classical serotonergic psychedelics (LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, and DMT) are generally considered physiologically safe and non-addictive, they are certainly not without their risks. Negative experiences do occur – although, under a system where psychedelics are legal and regulated, this risk could be minimised. For a very tiny minority with a pre-existing or latent mental…View Post

Why Psychedelics Don’t Deserve the Stigma They Carry

US comedian Shane Mauss is currently doing his biggest tour to date. A Good Trip is a two-hour comedy show about psychedelics. One of the aims of this tour, he said, is to remove the stigma that surrounds the use of psychedelics. Public Perceptions About Psychedelics Many people have misguided and negative preconceptions about what these…View Post

Why Are Some Plants and Mushrooms Psychoactive?

We all know that particular plants and mushrooms can affect the mind – how we perceive the world, how we feel and how we think. Some of these plants can induce stimulating effects, including tobacco, the seeds of Coffea arabica (used to make coffee), the coca leaf (used to make cocaine), betel, khat, the seeds…View Post

New Study Suggests Psychedelics Are Not Linked to Mental Health Problems

According to a study titled Psychedelics and Mental Health: A Population Study (published in PLOS One), the use of LSD, magic mushrooms and peyote does not increase one’s risk of developing mental health problems. The researchers behind the paper are Teri Krebs and clinical psychologist Pal-Orjan Johansen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.…View Post

Neuroscientist Robin Carhart-Harris Describes His Exciting Research on Psychedelics

This article is based on a lecture entitled ‘fMRI and MEG Studies With Psilocybin’, from ‘A Discussion on Scientific Research with Psychedelic Drugs’, a conference chaired by Professor David Nutt at Imperial College London (12/06/2013). Researcher Robin Carhart-Harris begins this lecture by pointing out that psilocin, a psychedelic alkaloid found in magic mushrooms along with psilocybin, is…View Post