Online Privacy Doesn’t Really Exist – But You Should Still Take Steps to Protect Your Data

Anyone who uses the internet has a right to know about the many ways in which they are likely watched, tracked and analysed. The truth is that anyone who uses the internet to any degree is likely to be a victim of these activities, and although there are some things you can do to mitigate…View Post

What I Learned After a Month Without Facebook

In an earlier post, I explained why I felt like I needed to take a break from my compulsive use of the Internet – mainly Facebook, Reddit and YouTube. Well, after a month I decided to re-activate my Facebook (although I’m still avoiding the crack cocaine of the Internet that is Reddit – for the…View Post

The Negative Effects of Facebook: Addiction, Social Isolation and Depression

Facebook is great for communication, networking and planning events. It is a social media platform that was designed to connect people and clearly, it achieves this in a number of ways. However, Facebook’s utility and popularity often mask its more psychologically damaging aspects, of which there seems to be three: addiction, social isolation and depression.…View Post