National Service Bill is a Violation of Freedom

The National Service Bill (2013-2014) was presented to Parliament on 24th June 2013, but since this was the first reading, there was no debate regarding the Bill. However, on the 28th February 2014, the Bill is expected to have its second reading, in which it will be debated. This bill aims to make national service compulsory…View Post

Obama Shows Hypocrisy By Denouncing Chemical Weapons, But Approving Drone Strikes

President Obama made an address on September 10th to the nation of Syria. The first point of criticism is that the speech is over-dramatic and theatrical – it just seems so obviously rehearsed. Obama takes on the role of actor, more than President here; making emotional arguments instead of rational ones. The second point of…View Post

Nick Bostrom on ‘Existential Risks’

Nick Bostrom is a Swedish philosopher who teaches at the University of Oxford. His areas of interest include the Simulation Hypothesis (that reality is a computer simulation run by a hyper-advanced ‘post-human’ civilisation) and the ethics of human enhancement (the ethical issues surrounding improving human capacities through science and technology). He is a proponent of…View Post