Infinite Cityscapes: Hyper-Detailed Architectural Drawings by Benjamin Sack

Benjamin Sack is an American artist who is noted for creating hyper-detailed drawings of cityscapes that mingle realism with abstraction. He depicts infinite cities, architectural labyrinths of dizzying detail. When I first came across his work, I was incredibly impressed (mindblown, to be honest) to see how he represented both the infinite and the infinitesimal…View Post

Psychedelics and the Experience of the Sublime

The connection between psychedelics and philosophy isn’t made too often, despite the fact that there are multitudinous ways in which the psychedelic experience can relate to, challenge, contextualise, and add weight to various philosophical ideas and theories. There is, however, a definite history to the philosophy of psychedelics, with writers such as William James and…View Post