Tackling Fake News With Media Literacy: A Lesson From Ukraine

In an effort to challenge fake news, propaganda, disinformation, and hate speech in the media, schools in Ukraine have been teaching students media literacy skills. This programme was initiated following the war in eastern Ukraine, which saw government forces in conflict with Russian-backed separatists. The war led to a rise in propaganda and disinformation in…View Post

Why We Need a ‘None of the Above’ Option for Ballot Papers

None of the Above (NOTA) is a ballot option in some countries and it allows the voter to express their disapproval of all the candidates and parties listed. Those who are in favour of it argue that a truly democratic process should entitle citizens to express non-consent, as well as consent. NOTA has been adopted…View Post

A Critical Look at Sweatshops

Sweatshops entail long hours with no breaks, terrible working conditions, a disgracefully low pay, abuse from employers and sometimes, worst of all, an abuse of child labour laws. Sweatshops are responsible for violating these workers’ human rights and for breaching laws relating to overtime and minimum wage. Some of the human rights that sweatshops breach,…View Post

Democracy 2.0: Internet-Based Voting

Recently, Ontario’s Chief Electoral Officer, Greg Essensa, has said that the province should test online voting in the form of a pilot project during the upcoming by-election. Essensa issued a massive 271-page report (called the Alternative Voting Technologies Report) on the issue, in which he claimed that we should embrace technological changes in order to…View Post