How Studying Mythology Can Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

When most people think of entrepreneurs or freelancers who have taken their careers into their own hands and have broken free from the conventional structures of the working world, so to speak, the first thoughts that come to mind are things like “cunning”, “hard-working”, “strategic”, and “pragmatic”. And, of course, to make it on your…View Post

Why You Should Let Your Personality Type Guide Your Career Path

You may have realised – or perhaps you’re in the process of discovering – that you have a certain personality type. This refers to what you, as an individual, prefer when you are using your mind or focusing your attention. For instance, you may prefer to spend your time in the outside world or you…View Post

A Message to Men Who Are Struggling With Their Mental Health

A study has revealed that the reason the male suicide rate is so high (it’s the number one killer of men under 45 in the UK) is because so many men strongly identify with the masculine norm of self-reliance. In other words, since the idea of not seeking help is considered ‘manly’, it means men…View Post

Carl Jung and Hermann Hesse Explain Why Other People Irritate Us

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung and author (and fan of Jung) Hermann Hesse have explained why other people irritate us so much. This is conveyed in quotes from the two: If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part yourself. What isn’t part ourselves doesn’t disturb us. – Hermann Hesse Everything…View Post

A Jungian Perspective on Nightmares and Bad Dreams

Dreams do not hide your true and deepest feelings from your conscious mind; rather, they are a gateway to them. But before delving into the Jungian perspective on dreams – more specifically, nightmares and bad dreams, it will be helpful to elucidate the Jungian view of the mind. The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed in…View Post