Staying Calm Under Pressure: How to Develop This Critical Life Skill

staying calm under pressure

More and more attention is being paid to the mental health of professionals in every industry you can think of. It’s something that has been shunned into the corners of society for so long but finally, we are learning more about the importance of staying calm under pressure. Being able to manage stress in our careers and lives, in general, is a critical skill for personal growth and well-being.

Business is especially stressful but, it’s the way of the world, and we must all learn how to cope with the stress of presentations, pitches, meetings and deadlines. So how can we do it? Do we really need to go and speak with a professional psychiatrist? Do we need to go and seek out counselling? It all depends on your situation; but for most of us, if we just tweak our lifestyles a bit we can live much healthier lives.

Taking a Moment for Yourself is Key to Staying Calm Under Pressure

If you’re stuck in an office for 8 or more hours with different people and then go home to a family, you’re always surrounded. You need time to yourself but where do you get it? Many lunch breaks are used to mingle and speak with colleagues to get a gist of what is going on with them. It can be a good time to just talk and reaffirm relationships but when you’re stressed, the last thing you want is forced interactions. So the next time you are going on your lunch break, then consider finding a quiet place and enjoying the quiet by yourself.

You have possibly up to one hour to just be away with your thoughts. In fact, you could use this time to quickly eat and do a bit of reading to slow down your mind. You could just focus on breathing calmly, trying to think of solutions to the things that are bothering. If you want to, you could even do some yoga by bringing in a yoga mat to work. Some simple long stretches to help loosen up the tension of a hectic work lifestyle can do wonders for your mental health as well as blood pressure.

Add Freedom and Flexibility to Your Work

This new generation of students and professionals have something in their grasp that previous generations could only dream of. With modern technology, you can work anywhere and at any time. Therefore the normal schedule of work can be fitted to your lifestyle. This is perhaps why freelancing has become a very viable way to make a living. However, technology has to work with you while you’re on the move too. This is why more and more young people are getting some kind of Student SIM deal which is designed toward more internet data users. Many companies will charge you for data which you don’t even use, but this company will simply take the cost off your next bill. This helps anyone who is at university to work anytime they want, be it on the train or while they’re on a bus.

Professionals need to take a leaf out of their book and learn to mould the technology they use to their work lifestyle. Maybe you don’t want to wait until you get to work to access a certain file and make some notes. Then you need to have a smartphone, tablet or notebook that you can quickly open up and add some thoughts or change some things around to your work. Anxiety can build up when you really need to change something quickly but don’t have access to what it is, you need to change. So make sure you have technology that can access things like a cloud storage account or your work interface software.

Practice Makes Perfect

Millennials are slowly heading into the more coveted leadership roles which means even more high-stress factors. You’re constantly trying to get one step ahead of the employees so you can lead them through the fog and toward success. So many of us underestimate just how stressful this lifestyle of being at the top can do to our mental health. Pretty soon we realize that being a leader and having to make the big decisions is not always fun and laden with praise. Things like giving presentations to clients and pitching to partners are nerve-wracking, to say the least. These events are major in our career progression so we don’t want to get them wrong. Just the thought of failure can really make us lose our train of thought and just become blank in our minds.

Practice does make perfect. So if you are in a leadership role and you need to give a speech at an award ceremony or speak with consumers on the floor at a business exhibition, you should go over and over and over your talking points. In all seriousness, you should be doing this for a few weeks actually. The first week will be just you on your own going over your words. The next week can be in front of friends and family. The final week just before the real thing can be in front of your fellow employees. Once you have done this many times over, the thought of slipping up or tripping over your words will begin to fade.

Learn From Others

It’s amazing how many people could give you brilliant advice on staying calm under pressure. Many of these people are sat around you at work. If you do feel that pressure is getting to you and you don’t feel like yourself during working hours, then you can turn to your fellow colleagues for help. Many times there are often people who have been through what you are going through right now, who are your friends or family. Speak to someone about your mental health problems and you never know you could find your solution just by talking it out.

It seems like there is no way to separate stress from a modern work schedule. However, you can learn multiple coping techniques for staying calm under pressure. One of which is to simply use your lunch break to be by yourself and collect your thoughts in a quiet place.

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