Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung and author (and fan of Jung) Hermann Hesse have explained why other people irritate us so much. This is conveyed in quotes from the two: If you hate a person, you… View Post

The stereotype of the millennial is a 20-something who is lazy, self-absorbed, self-entitled and soft. Joel Stein wrote a cover story for Time magazine three years ago, describing millennials as narcissistic, pointing to such evidence… View Post

Some argue that millennials have it easiest compared to any previous generation, yet whine much more than their parents ever did. This begs the question: Do millennials have anything to complain about? Well, let’s take… View Post

In an earlier post, I explained why I felt like I needed to take a break from my compulsive use of the Internet – mainly Facebook, Reddit and YouTube. Well, after a month I decided… View Post

Facebook, Reddit and YouTube are the three websites that became an endless source of distraction and procrastination for me. Whenever I was bored, my fingers would unconsciously type these URLs into my browser, or if… View Post